Contact Lenses (ICL)

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A Permanent Solution for High refractive errors

If you have high short-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism beyond what possible with laser eye surgery still you can have your error corrected by the ICL.

ICLs are micro-thin lenses placed inside the eye specially for those with thin or abnormal corneas, Keratoconus and dry eye and is an  excellent alternative to laser eye surgery. 

Severe Myopia management- Dr. Hesham Gharieb
- 0.5
Degrees of Shortsightedness
+ 0.5
Degrees of Farsightedness
Degrees of Astigmatism
علاج قصر النظر الشديد د. هشام غريب

UV Protection

ICL contains a UV blocker that prevents harmful UV rays from entering the most sensitive part of the eye. Thus preventing the development of UV related eye disorders

علاج قصر النظر الشديد د. هشام غريب

Quick procedure and recovery

ICL procedure is minimally invasive. It is painless and quick . Most patients are able to resume daily activities in just a few days with clearer vision

It is positioned between the Iris and your natural lens 

So it is invisible to both patient and viewer 

علاج قصر النظر الشديد د. هشام غريب

Additive, Removable procedure

ICL will permanently correct your vision, yet no natural tissue is removed.

It can be removed if for the unlikely event you need or wish to remove your ICLs in the future.

علاج قصر النظر الشديد د. هشام غريب

No Dry eye Syndrome

ICL is made of a biocompatible material and works without reshaping your cornea

That means we can minimize unnatural causes of dry eye syndrome

Why our Refractive Solutions Are Unique ??

Expert You can Trust

We are trustable and honest with you regarding your management plans. 

We offer the very best evidence-based treatment procedures for you with all your needs and concerns are set to be our concerns

Stat-Of Art Technologies

Using Latest Technologies as Investigative, diagnostic tests that increases Precision, Safety and yields best results

Plan Tailored for You

You are always the center of our thinking. 

Customized management plan for each and every step is individualized for your visual needs 

So you will always get the best for your eyes and vision

Obvious and Affordable Pricing

A Clear and affordable Pricing plans for all refractive correcting procedures makes you decision easy

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