What is Keratoconus ??

Keratoconus is a progressive disease affecting Cornea – the clear dome shaped front surface of the eye – causing thinning and gradual bulging outwards into a cone-shape.
Usually affects young males and females between 10 and 25 years old and may progress slowly for 10 years or more. Progression is more in females specially when got pregnant.
Usually both eyes are affected but one may be worse than other

القرنية المخروطية د. هشام غريب
Keratoconus Dr. Hesham Gharieb

Am I At Risk of Keratoconus??

Keratoconus is multifactorial, Some genetic and environmental factors are involved. Around 1 in 10 people with keratoconus also have a parent with the condition.

You may be at risk of keratoconus if you have:

  • Having a family history of keratoconus
  • Rubbing your eyes vigorously
  • Having certain conditions, such as retinitis pigmentosa, Down syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hay fever and asthma

When to Suspect Keratoconus ??

If you are complaining of one of the following:

Blurred or distorted vision
Increased sensitivity to bright light and glare, which can cause problems with night driving
A need for frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions or Intolerance to contact lenses
Sudden worsening or clouding of vision

متى تشك في وجود القرنية المخروطية د. هشام غريب
القرنية المخروطية- د. هشام غريبالقرنية المخروطية- د. هشام غريب
Kerato- conus
Advanced bulging
علاج عتامة القرنية - د هشام غريبعلاج عتامة القرنية - د هشام غريب
Kerato- conus
علاج عتامة القرنية - د هشام غريبعلاج عتامة القرنية - د هشام غريب
Kerato- conus

Can I have vision loss from Keratoconus??

Unfortunately, keratoconus is a progressive disease that may lead to so much irregularity of cornea and scarring leading to vision loss.
Moreover, in some situations, your cornea may swell quickly and cause sudden reduced vision and scarring of the cornea. This is caused by a condition in which the inside lining of your cornea breaks down, allowing fluid to enter the cornea (hydrops). The swelling usually subsides by itself, but a scar may form that affects your vision.

When To See Your Doctor ........ 

You should be examined if your eyesight is worsening rapidly, which might be caused by an irregular curvature of the eye (astigmatism) or scarring.
We will investigate your eyes and find you the best options for preserving and improving your sight

Treatment Plan 

We have 2 main goals to achieve in managing keratoconus

Stop Progression 
Of Disease
Visual Acuity 

Collagen Crosslinking

We will do collagen crosslinking of your eyes to increase its stiffness of Cornea
We will add Riboflavin (vitamin B2) to your cornea and impowers its action by ultraviolet rays (UVA) in a session that takes few minutes to perform.
تثبيت القرنية - د. هشام غريب

Improving Vision

We will have many tools to fit your requirements as fitting glasses, gas permeable contact lenses or other types of lenses, such as scleral lenses.
Femtosecond laser assisted intracorneal rings can be used to flattens the bulged cornea and improving visual potential
قيا طوبوغرافيا القرنية- د. هشام غريبقيا طوبوغرافيا القرنية- د. هشام غريب
Diagnosis and Planning treatment
العدسات الزجاجية لعلاج القرنية المخروطية د. هشام غريبالعدسات الزجاجية لعلاج القرنية المخروطية د. هشام غريب
Scleral Contact Lenses
Maximize your Vision
زرع الحلقات بالفيمتو د. هشام غريبزرع الحلقات بالفيمتو د. هشام غريب
Femto laser
IntraCorneal rings


If the Cornea had advanced disease or had been scarred, Keratoplasty – removing the diseased tissue and substituting it by a new normal corneal tissue – will be done
Lamellar – diseased part only substituted – or Penetrating – whole diseased cornea substituted – is done to improve visual potentials
new technologies and FEMTOSECOND LASER  can be used to optimize results and fastens visual recovery

Keratoplasty- Dr. Hesham GhariebKeratoplasty- Dr. Hesham Gharieb
Diseased Cornea
Keratoplasty- Dr. Hesham GhariebKeratoplasty- Dr. Hesham Gharieb
New Cornea
Sutured in Place
زرع القرنية د هشام غريبزرع القرنية د هشام غريب
New Cornea
After Transplant

Why our Keratoconus management Services Unique ??

Expert You can Trust

We are trustable and honest with you regarding your management plans. 

We offer the very best evidence-based treatment procedures for you with all your needs and concerns are set to be our concerns

Stat-Of Art Technologies

Using Latest Technologies in Diagnosis, follow up and treatment

Plan Tailored for You

You are always the center of our thinking. 

Customized management plan for each and every step is individualized for your visual needs 

So you will always get the best for your eyes and vision

Obvious and Affordable Pricing

A Clear and affordable Pricing plans for all laser correcting procedures makes you decision easy

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