What is Glaucoma??

Glaucoma is a progressive blinding disease. It affects 1.5 to 2% of people over 40 ys old and is one of the main causes of irreversible vision loss worldwide

When the pressure inside the eye increases, the optic nerve fibers are progressively affected. As the optic nerve is the link between the eye and brain to transmit images to see, when it is affected: the brain will not see  the images and the patient will have many areas in his field of vision missing

Am I At Risk of Glaucoma??

Risk increases if:

You have a family member with glaucoma
If your age above 40
If you are African, Hispanic, or Asian
If you have refractive error as myopia(nearsightedness) or hyperope(farsightedness)
If you had an eye injury
If you took some drugs as Steroids for a long period
If your cornea is thinner than normal

If you have Diabetes Miletus, Migraine, High blood pressure

Beware Glaucoma Can Occur in Children

What are Glaucoma Symptoms?

Glaucoma may progress slowly and usually without any symptoms. Many people are not aware they have the condition until they have significant vision loss. Initially, glaucoma affects peripheral or side vision, but it can advance to central vision loss. If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to significant vision loss in both eyes, and may even lead to blindness.

Less commonly  glaucoma attack may occur. Patient may have severe eye pain, nausea, redness in the eye, seeing halos or colored rings around lights and blurred vision. This is an emergency condition in which severe vision loss can occur quickly; You should see your doctor immediately.

The Battle Against Glaucoma

As Glaucoma is a chronic progressive disease, So your will a have a journey of controlling and following the disease in your whole life. 

Be Sure We will be beside you as friends in your battle against Glaucoma

We will start by comprehensive eye examination during which all eye structure are being evaluated. We will measure your vision, pressure of your eyes, examining your retina and optic nerves, examining the anterior segment of your eyes and the angle of filtration of the aqueous humor; the eye water.

We will investigate your corneal thickness -Pachymetry- as people with thinner corneas are at an increased risk of developing glaucoma.

Then we will do Visual field Testing to check if your visual field has been affected by glaucoma. In This test we will measure the sensitivity of different parts of your retina both centrally and peripherally by knowing the dimmest light you can see by each point of your retina

Photography of the retina and the optic nerve also will be done together with measurement of the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness by a machine called OCT

We aim in diagnosis and follow up of your condition at controlling the pressure in your eyes and halting or minimizing the damaging effect of glaucoma

فحص القرنية الخماسي - د هشام غريبفحص القرنية الخماسي - د هشام غريب
Visual FieldVisual Field

Treatment Options

The main goal is to control the pressure inside eye and prevent its fluctuations

All treatment protocols are aimed at Stop or minimizing progression of the glaucoma disease i.e. stop or minimizing the optic nerve damage and vision loss

Medical Therapy

Glaucoma management usually starts by prescribing eye drops that help to lower the eye pressure

One or more eye drops should be used on daily basis to control the disease 


Lasers can be used by many means to decrease the amount of fluid your eyes make or to increase its drainage

Laser treatment can be done many times and aimed at decreasing number of eye drops you put every day


If your eye pressure is not controlled by laser and/or drops so surgical option is the choice.

We will do an new way for the excess of your eye fluid to go outside so decreasing the pressure inside

Some drainage devices can be used. They are pressure sensitive devices that are implanted on your eyes to control the pressure inside the eye

Click To Know more about Lasers amd Surgery for glaucoma

Why our Glaucoma Services Are Unique ??

Expert You can Trust

We are trustable and honest with you regarding your management plans. 

We offer the very best evidence-based treatment procedures for you with all your needs and concerns are set to be our concerns

Stat-Of Art Technologies

Using Latest Technologies in Diagnosis, follow up and treatment

Plan Tailored for You

You are always the center of our thinking. 

Customized management plan for each and every step is individualized for your visual needs 

So you will always get the best for your eyes and vision

Obvious and Affordable Pricing

A Clear and affordable Pricing plans for all laser correcting procedures makes you decision easy

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