Cornea Clinic Services 

جفاف العين د. هشام غريبجفاف العين د. هشام غريب
Dry eye
Dry eye Diagnosis and Management
Keratoplasty for treating corneal abscess- Dr.. Hesham GhariebKeratoplasty for treating corneal abscess- Dr.. Hesham Gharieb
Corneal Infection
Corneal Infection diagnosis and management
Pterygium- Dr. Hesham GhariebPterygium- Dr. Hesham Gharieb
Pterygium Diagnosis and Management
زرع القرنية د هشام غريبزرع القرنية د هشام غريب
Corneal transplantation Surgeries
تثبيت القرنية - د هشام غريبتثبيت القرنية - د هشام غريب
Keratoconus Management
Crosslinking Cornea and improving Vision
تقنيات ليزيك د. هشام غريبتقنيات ليزيك د. هشام غريب
Laser Vision Correction
LASIK, FemtoLASIK, FemtoSMILE, SPK, TPRK Modlities for improving Your Vision

Few Steps To Diagnose and manage your concern

فحص العيون د. هشام غريب
A Comprehensive examination of your eyes will take place. We will start by knowing your vision and visual potential then the anterior segment of your eyes will be seen by microscope (Slitlamp), Intraocular pressure examined and your retina will be checked
فحص القرنية الخماسي - د هشام غريب
We will perform all needed imaging modalities for diagnosis and following your condition up
Multimodal Imaging are available with best technologies to finetune our decision
تقنيات ليزيك - د هشام غريب
Planning Managment
We will find you the best plan of treatment that suits you and your condition
All the plan will be discussed with you and you will have all your time to ask and understand your management plan
ليزيك - د هشام غريب
A big variety of treatment options on the very updated best international practice will be offered for your
Medications, Lasers, Femtolaser assisted interventions and Surgeries based on High Tech machines will be offered for you
1st Step
2nd Step

Cornea Clinic Services

جفاف العين - د هشام غريب

Dry Eye

Dry eye may affect up to 50% of population and is the main cause of ocular discomfort Many factors may contribute in dry eye, Diagnosing the cause and manage it is the key to have comfortable eyes
Using stat of the art technologies

Many modalities available to choose from to customize treatment for you LASIK-FemtoLasik-FemtoSMILE- SPK – TPRK
Keratoplasty for treating corneal abscess- Dr.. Hesham Gharieb

Corneal Infection

Corneal infections may have bacterial, viral, or fungal cause We offer a complete set for diagnosis and managing infections of cornea to preserve as much vision as possible
Pterygium- Dr. Hesham Gharieb


Pterygium is a new tissue invading cornea causing irregularities on it. It may affects visual acuity and has a non pleasant shape Pterygium excision can be performed with special techniques to decrease possibility of pterygium recurrence
زرع القرنية د هشام غريب


If your Cornea reached a stat where it is no longer smooth and transparent , Corneal transplant will be the key to preserve vision
Femtosecond laser can be used to optimize results and fasten recovery
Keratoconus is a progressive disease that needs comprehensive management through stopping the disease and improving vision
Provision eye Clinics

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