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دكتور هشام غريب

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Dr Hesham Mohamed Gharieb

He is Nationally and internationally well-known and skilled ophthalmologist specialized in refractive surgeries, cataract, glaucoma and cornea

Dr Hesham was graduated from one of the most prestigious medical schools in Egypt – Ain Shams University- with excellent general degree as he was on the top of ranking among his colleagues

He had some of his postgraduate studies with the UK schools of medicine

In few years he had his Masters degree specialized in femtosecond laser treatments followed by the Doctorate degree (MD-PhD) in diagnostic tools from Ain Shams University

Consultant-A Dr. Hesham GhariebConsultant-A Dr. Hesham Gharieb
Consultant A
شهادة التخرج -جامعة عين شمس- د. هشام غريبشهادة التخرج -جامعة عين شمس- د. هشام غريب
Graduation Certificate
All Excellent with honor
شهادة الماجستير د. هشام غريبشهادة الماجستير د. هشام غريب
Masters of ophthalmology
شهادة الدكتوراه د. هشام غريبشهادة الدكتوراه د. هشام غريب
Doctorate Ophthalmology
زميل المجلس العالمي للعيون جينيف سويسرا 1- د. هشام غريبزميل المجلس العالمي للعيون جينيف سويسرا 1- د. هشام غريب
ICO - 1
Basic Science
زميل المجلس العالمي للعيون جينيف سويسرا 2- د. هشام غريبزميل المجلس العالمي للعيون جينيف سويسرا 2- د. هشام غريب
ICO - 2
Optics and Refraction
زميل المجلس العالمي للعيون جينيف سويسرا 3- د. هشام غريبزميل المجلس العالمي للعيون جينيف سويسرا 3- د. هشام غريب
ICO -3
Clinical Science
زميل كلية الجراحين الملكية جلاسجو- د. هشام غريبزميل كلية الجراحين الملكية جلاسجو- د. هشام غريب
Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr Hesham travelled the world seeking for learning excellence of service and had many certificate among them: the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) certificate from Geneva – Switzerland in which he was one of the top ranked surgeons and the fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons -Glasgow-England

Now he is Lecturer of Ophthalmology -Ain Shams University Hospitals

And he has been the chief medical director of one on the most prestigious institutes when it comes to ophthalmic surgeries ie. Eye and Laser World Hospital

Scientific and Community Services

For his talents and achievements, he was named by the International council of Ophthalmology to part of the international program for training of ophthalmic surgeons in the only internationally certified center of training in the Middle East-EWH.

Dr Hesham is the head of training for Cornea, Cataract and Glaucoma

Dr Hesham main passion is to pass knowledge and his wide experience for all ophthalmologists all over world. For that he was given the chance to be speaker, cochair and chairman of many national and international conferences. He edited and published many educational videos on the internet that gained international publicity

Dr Hesham was the co-authored series of ophthalmology books named (The GUIDE in OPHTHALMIC PRACTICE) (ISBN: 22204/2018)

Dr Hesham had may international publications that had a big impact on ophthalmic practice

EyeTube Channel
Educational and Innovative Surgical Videos
دكور هشام غريب -ICOدكور هشام غريب -ICO
Certified Surgical Trainer
International council of Ophthalmology Trainer
The Guide in Ophthalmic Practice- Dr Hesham GhariebThe Guide in Ophthalmic Practice- Dr Hesham Gharieb
The Guide Book Series
ISBN: 22204/2018
مؤلفات - د. هشام غريبمؤلفات - د. هشام غريب
International Publications
Shared and lead many teams inside and internationally outside Egypt
Provision eye Clinics

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Alrehab City (Clinic): In elite Medical Park - Beside gate 6 Al-Rehab City- 2nd floor- Clinic number 2095 (Hemaya Clinics)
DOKKI : In Eye World Hospital: 12 Mosaddak Street
MOHANDESEEN: In Al Jazeera eye Center: 24 Engineer Mohamed Hassan helmy Street in Gazerat AlARAB

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